The End of DTM is Nigh

by Jun 26, 2019

I’m too busy and Adobe DTM might not even shut down in my lifetime. Either way, I’m sure scientists will figure out how to transition to Adobe Launch before anything even happens.” — probably you

BEAR WITNESS! The decom­mis­sion­ing of Adobe DTM (Dynamic Tag Manage­ment) is upon us! Once the timer hits zero, the process is irre­versible. There will be empir­i­cal evidence that it’s happen­ing! That’s right, on Tuesday, July 9th 2019, you won’t be able to create new prop­er­ties in DTM. If you aren’t ready for the trans­fer to Adobe Launch, you need to pack your bags… NOW


Here’s What You’ll Need to do First:

  • Get legal sign-off on Adobe Launch
  • Learn the tool
  • Plan imple­men­ta­tion improve­ments
  • Get buy-in from your devel­op­ers
  • Get prior­i­ti­za­tion from your product owners


Okay, that’s the ground-work. Then you’ll need to:

  • Imple­ment it across all of your web prop­er­ties
  • Rebuild your imple­men­ta­tion
  • Update your docu­men­ta­tion

You have 1 year (Tuesday, July 14, 2020) until you won’t even be able to make changes to your container. We’ve seen this coming for way longer than that! Maybe that first count­down was too friendly. Here’s how long you have to figure every­thing out:

Haha­haha, yeah…

You need to prep. NOW.

Are you upgrad­ing? Migrat­ing to Launch is your oppor­tu­nity to over­haul your imple­men­ta­tion — to remove all of the years-old legacy stuff and replace it with some­thing better. Maybe you wanted to add an EDDL (Event-Driven Data Layer). You were finally going to remove those long-forgot­ten pixels; but that requires talking to dozens of stake­hold­ers and vendors. That could take months.

Are you simply trans­pos­ing your imple­men­ta­tion? Maybe your DTM imple­men­ta­tion is perfect and you want to simply copy it into Launch. Not every­thing perfectly trans­lates from DTM to Launch. Copying every­thing over could be disas­trous. This requires time and prepa­ra­tion.

It’s not too late.

You’re really pushing it here, but we will do what­ever we can to help you pack things up nicely. Over the coming months, we’re going to help you prep for this change. It won’t be easy. It will take work. But we would hate to put you in the Adobe DTM quar­an­tine at Adobe Summit 2020.

There is still time to migrate, but you need to start now. You need to start prior­i­tiz­ing your data layer now. You need to run a DTM-to-Launch assess­ment now. Later will be here before you know it.

Why Choose Search Discovery to Help You Switch from Adobe DTM to Launch?

We know DTM better than anybody. Not only did we build and sell “Satel­lite” to Adobe, which then became Adobe DTM, but we are an Adobe Certi­fied Solu­tion Partner and an Adobe Exchange Partner. Adobe trusts us with hundreds of their clients, and so can you.  

We’ll Make This Simple for You

Adobe has made our lives easier with Launch, but transitioning can be hard. You don’t have to go it alone. Work with us and we’ll get you up to speed.

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