Search Discovery is a Three-Time Quantie Award Finalist for Top Small Agency

The Digital Analytics Association has chosen Search Discovery as a finalist for the third time in the Top Small Agency Quantie Award category.
Each year, the analytics industry recognizes individuals, teams, and technology that make a difference for their excellence in data analytics. Search Discovery and two of our team members will join the awards party October 5-7, 2021 at the DAA OneConference.

Search Discovery has been selected as a finalist for the Top Small Agency Quantie Award! The Quantie Awards are given by the Digital Analytics Association at the DAA OneConference as a way to recognize the “best and brightest teams and individuals in digital analytics.”

Other Quantie Award finalists from the Search Discovery team include Jim Gordon, Analytics Architect, for Top Consultant, and Adam Greco, Senior Director of Technology Solutions, for Difference Maker.

Search Discovery is grateful to the analytics community for the recognition. We’re honored to be recognized by our peers, especially after such an uncertainty-filled year. We’re proud of the work our team is doing for clients and within the analytics community to help people to thrive so that business can thrive. The finalists this year are stunning, and we’re excited to be in such good company!

Established thought leaders

Neither Jim nor Adam are strangers to the Quantie finalists field: Jim has twice been a finalist for the Top Consultant category, and Adam was awarded the 2018 Jim Stearne Lifetime Achievement Award to recognize long-time service and technical, commercial, and/or creative contributions of outstanding significance to the field of digital analytics. On top of that, Adam was instrumental in Search Discovery’s win last year for the Top New Technology, Apollo, the world’s first analytics tag management system.

About Jim Gordon’s recent work

Jim is pushing the industry forward with Event-Driven Data Layers, technology that can save tons of time and money, allowing analysts to focus on actual analysis instead of tag maintenance. Because of Jim’s expertise and communication, we now recommend all clients utilize an Event-Driven Data Layer. Jim has spoken at the Search Discovery Education Community on Why You Should Use an Event Driven Data Layer, and he’s written about it at length on his own blogspace at

Jim started his career path on the business side and backed into development, and he’s something of a breath of fresh air for the industry. He understands how eyes can glaze over when presented with a lot of code, so he does an excellent job translating the value of his highly technical work into terms anyone can understand.

He’s also a team player and he supports colleagues in the industry. On more than one occurrence, Jim has jumped in to help other clients last minute when a go live was not going well. He is a consistent giver of his experience, advice, and expertise to all who need it.

Here’s a quote from a colleague that sums up Jim’s support: “Words cannot express how grateful I am that at 11 PM on the night of Jim’s birthday he jumped on our deployment call just to see if he could help out! He stayed online until 1 AM making sure everything was finished correctly without anyone asking him to. He’s an awesome team player, and expressions of humility like that are what make me proud to work for this company.”

About Adam Greco’s recent work

Adam, along with helping lead the development and deployment of Apollo, has been a tremendous asset to the industry, especially during COVID. He recognized a need at the beginning of the pandemic to help people who had been laid off or furloughed broaden their skills and hopefully get hired again quickly. His vision was to engage the analytics community to provide free, high-quality education. He acted on that vision by forming the Search Discovery Education Community to attract amazing speakers and produce great content for the entire industry.


Adam did a lot to set up the infrastructure of the SDEC. He created a process for onboarding new members and speakers, he recruited members and speakers, reaching out to hundreds of people to get it all rolling.

In the first week, almost 400 people signed up, in the first month, 1,000 people signed up. The SDEC now has over 4,000 members from 83 countries. Only 40% of the members are from the US, so it’s really serving countries that may not get to make it to the US-based analytics conferences. 

So far, there have been 65 SDEC webinars ranging from “Data Visualization, Neuroscience, and Why It Matters to the Analyst” to “Google Ads Data Hub” to “Getting Started With Event Driven Analytics” to “Transformar los datos en activo de negocio,” so the content has touched many aspects of analytics. The live and recorded webinars have been viewed over 20,000 times.

Beyond the recent creation of the SDEC, Adam has written the book on Adobe Analytics and created hundreds of blogs posts on the topic. This content has launched many people’s careers, and Adam has been a mentor to many over the years. Overall, the Analytics industry would not be the same without Adam.

Creating a legacy

This is the third year that Search Discovery has been recognized as a finalist in the Top Small Agency category. If Jim wins in his category, he’ll join the ranks of Stewart Shilling, Solutions Architect, who represented Search Discovery as the Top Analytics Consultant in 2019.

In addition to Adam and Stew’s big wins, in 2018, Tim Wilson, Senior Analytics Director, won the President’s Award to recognize exemplary DAA volunteers who have gone above and beyond with their contributions to DAA, and Chirag Deshpande, Senior Analytics Manager, was a finalist in the Difference Maker category.

Speakers at the DAA OneConference

Several speakers will also represent thought leadership at Search Discovery this year. They are as follows:

  • Theresa Smith, Optimization Manager, and Justin Entsminger, Senior Optimization Manager, will present “Diversify your Evidentiary Portfolio for Testing”
  • Jamarius Taylor, Data Science Senior Associate, and Ben Woodard, Data Scientist, will present “Over the Hedge: Utilizing  Data Outside the Platform”
  • Ken Williams, Google Business Lead, will present “How Google is Changing the Way We Measure Campaigns”
  • Tim Wilson, Senior Analytics Director, will present “Multi-Touch Attribution: Four Approaches and the Fallacies and Tradeoffs Therein”

Best of luck to all the Quantie Award finalists!

Voting members of the DAA determine the finalists for each category. Then, for both the Top Small Agency and Difference Maker, the winners are determined by a panel of qualified judges. However, for the Top Consultant category, finalists participate in a competition where they present their project/technology at the DAA OneConference, and attendees vote for the winners. The award party will happen at the conference on October 6 at 6:00 PM live from VenueSix10.

Put our thought leadership and expertise to work for you! Reach out below.

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