Adobe Target and DTM: Drive Marketing with Data

Adobe recently had a major upgrade to the Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager software – an even tighter integration with Adobe’s testing and targeting toolset: Adobe Target. We’ve been looking forward to continued integration of Adobe’s software platforms into DTM and this was yet another exciting one enhancement! Read below to learn about the changes, how you can make the most of them, and our experience deploying them for our hundreds of Adobe DTM clients!

The Target tool is Adobe’s most powerful way to enable data-driven marketing on your site. As you probably know, Adobe Target’s toolset grants its users the ability to do A/B..n and Multivariate Tests via targeted audience segments. The integration with Adobe Analytics through the Adobe Marketing Cloud and Master Marketing Profile has enabled an even more powerful ability to have fully integrated data across your solutions. The Analytics Architects and Data Scientists at Search Discovery have been making the most of this integration by deploying both toolsets via DTM for a while now, but we’re excited about the latest news from Adobe on the improved integration, here are the highlights:

Native integration with Target

You can now access and deploy your mbox.js file directly from DTM. No need to download, copy, paste! Plus you can have the JS managed directly in DTM, which means 1-click upgrades to the latest and great JS file!

Automatic timing

Since you’re working completely in Adobe’s Marketing Cloud, the delivery of content is continuous from request through to deployment. DTM handles timing of content loads to guarantee zero opportunity for that nasty content flicker.

Global Target Mbox Parameters

If you’re looking to send extended data to Target (and why wouldn’t you be?) it’s as easy as clicking and saving. All of your DTM Data Elements are available to push to Target and can be set as Global Parameters for your global Target mbox, which means the tool sends the data to Target with all requests used by Target Standard. The goal of this new feature is to ensure data confidence across all your platforms without any JavaScript deployment since the Data Elements are already built!

When you first launch DTM, you’ll notice the differences in the Adobe Target tool configuration screen right away. Try to contain your excitement, here’s a screenshot:

Adobe Target Tool - DTM

Note that you now have the ability to host the Mbox.js file right in DTM – which SDI highly recommends enabling. We’ve already deployed the new Target integration via DTM for several clients without issue. You do still have the ability to edit this JS by switching to the Custom radio button.

Finally, here are some standard Data Elements that we recommend making Global Mbox Parameters. This will help guarantee that your most important segmentation data is sent to Target without an opportunity to forget the next time you set up a new test.

  • Product Information (Name, SKU, Price, etc)
  • Campaign Information
  • Customer Segmentation (Audience, Demographics, etc)


With all major changes to Adobe DTM, be sure to test in your staging environments and production environment using Search Discovery’s DTM Switch Chrome browser plugin.

Now go make the most of your Adobe Target feature set by deploying to the Marketing Stack with DTM!

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