Adobe DTM Switch with its 28,000+ weekly users is now the Launch and DTM Switch. We have overhauled it to support Launch, by Adobe environments as well as DTM staging.

Have you ever wondered what life was like before we had the Adobe DTM Switch chrome extension? Hop in my time machine. Destination: Early 2013.

Doodlydoo – doodlydoo – doodlydoo – doodlydoo

We’ve arrived! What we see is the noble DTM developer, who wants to see how her tagging changes will work on her production website. She opens the dev console on her browser and types a mysterious command.

> localStorage.setItem(‘sdsat_stagingLibrary’,true)

She types another command…

> _satellite.setDebug(true)

WOW. That was arduous! I’m sure glad to have the Adobe DTM Switch so that I don’t have to type those commands over and over. Aren’t you? Thanks, Joel Stachowicz, for creating the original DTM Switch!

Now let’s get back in the time machine. Destination: The very near future.

Doodlydoo – doodlydoo – doodlydoo – doodlydoo

Wow. We’re here. It’s the very near future. Observe if you will, the noble Launch developer. She’s built a new Launch library in her personal development environment, and she wants to test it out on her staging server. Lucky for her, the Launch and DTM Switch has seamlessly recorded all of the environment embed codes from the Environments tab of Launch! She clicks the Search Discovery rocketship in her browser, selects her dev environment, and, voila! she’s seeing her changes take effect locally.

The future looks pretty great! Thanks, Daniel Upton, for the rewrite to support both Launch and DTM!

Alas, we must get back.Hop in. Destination: The present.

Doodlydoo – doodlydoo – doodlydoo – doodlydoo

And…Whoooosh! We’re back to the present day.

After this adventure, I’m left with two questions.

  1. DOH! Why didn’t you buy Bitcoin your second time in 2013?
  2. Isn’t it nice to have one less thing to think about as you plan your migration to Launch


The Launch and DTM Switch Chrome extension is provided free of charge to any and all who care to use it.To install on your browser, visit the Launch and DTM Switch page in the Chrome Store. Our overhaul of this extension is part of Search Discovery’s larger commitment to the Launch, by Adobe platform and to our clients as they migrate. Find out more about Search Discovery’s solutions for Launch, by Adobe.

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