We’re excited about the recent launch of Google Buzz and want to offer our insights and predictions on how Buzz will affect you. On Tuesday, February 9, Google launched Buzz. Buzz is a vehicle for organizing and sharing the wide array of social information on the web including updates, photos, and videos.

Buzz is customizable and can pull information from YouTube, Picassa, Twitter, Google Reader, Flickr, and Google Chat. This idea of pulling social information from various sources into a live feed is similar to the existing technology from Microsoft and Yahoo!. Yahoo! Buzz was created over two years ago, and Microsoft released its Today page in January 2009.

Key Takeaways

Google Buzz is still in its development stage from a search engine standpoint. We anticipate there will be several paid and natural search opportunities to capitalize on in the near future.  When Gmail was introduced, Google ads had not yet been integrated.  Google ads are now part of Gmail and have become a huge paid search content targeting opportunity for many of our clients. This monetization may also occur with Buzz.

Since its release, we’ve wondered if Buzz updates would work their way into the natural listings similar to how Twitter updates are now.  As of February 12, we are seeing this has become the case.

Buzz is well-positioned to help users keep on top of relevant activity among their community, and if executed well, presents a tremendous contextual advertising opportunity. The emotional connection of a friend talking about something related to your product or service is a small endorsement that marketing can’t accomplish, and the opportunity to establish a social presence in a negative publicity situation (by advertising against negative-sentiment mentions of your brand or service) is tremendously powerful.

Search Discovery is excited about this potential opportunity to expose our clients to a relevant social media marketplace, so please contact us with any questions you may have.

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