Reminder: Google is Now Enforcing EU Consent Policy Requirements

As of May 11, 2022, Google is enforcing its new EU Consent Policy Requirements. Advertisers may receive warnings if they do not have consent management properly configured for their EU properties or campaigns. Search Discovery can assist with consent management integration.
Announced in March, Google has now begun enforcement of its new EU User Consent Policy Requirements. This policy bakes into the terms of service some requirements imposed by Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation. If your brand is compliant with GDPR, you’re ahead of the game. However, if you have delayed adding in consent controls, you may now receive warnings like this one for your ad campaigns: image2 1

What are the EU Consent Policy Requirements?

The EU User Consent Policy has the following requirements:

For Google products used on any site, app or other property that is under your control, or that of your affiliate or your client, the following duties apply for end users in the European Economic Area along with the UK.

You must obtain end users’ legally valid consent to:

  • the use of cookies or other local storage where legally required; and
  • the collection, sharing, and use of personal data for personalization of ads.

When seeking consent, you must:

  • retain records of consent given by end users; and
  • provide end users with clear instructions for revocation of consent.

You must clearly identify each party that may collect, receive, or use end users’ personal data as a consequence of your use of a Google product. You must also provide end users with prominent and easily accessible information about that party’s use of end users’ personal data (source).

So, when receiving the error, you must first fix the problem by ensuring that proper integration between your selected consent manager and tag manager work properly, then notify Google to validate the campaign.

Enforcement Action

Google will first warn you, then suspend you and continue on the escalation process through account termination. Per the documentation, no account will be suspended without first receiving a warning.

Search Discovery’s Recommended Actions

As immediate steps, you can review your existing ad campaigns and validate that consent is working properly for any campaign that targets the EU or the UK. In the event you find that consent is not working properly, you can deactivate the campaign to avoid a warning.

If you need assistance in verifying your consent management solution to ensure it is working properly in light of this policy clarification, or you have received a warning and need assistance correcting it, we stand ready to help.

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