Optimizely Roadshow: Turning Data into Action (Part 1)

Optimizely Experience Roadshow 2014

Optimizely Roadshow:  Turning Data into Action

This week Optimizely made its way to grand ole south in its “Optimizely Experience” roadshow event.  I was impressed by the thoughtfulness and preparedness of the speakers, flow of content and enjoyed networking with my fellow industry cohorts who also share a passion in testing and results.  Optimizely’s tool is beautifully designed, on a fast a furious pace of launching new features and extremely user friendly which makes it useful for any type of marketer (or non-marketer).

First, What is Optimizely?

Optimizely is an A/B and multi-variate testing tool.  The easy to use technology allows virtually anyone to implement landing page testing on their site to enjoy improvements in performance metrics that matter most.   I was lucky enough to sit with CEO and co-founder, Dan Siroker, at the VIP dinner the night prior to the event to learn about his impressive background that inspired the creation of Optimizely and how he actually A/B tested into getting the company name.  Turning a literal ‘pain in the neck’ A/B testing experience while working for the 2008 Obama Presidential campaign was a pivotal moment for our industry! (Thank you Dan!).   Yesterday, the Product Manager (Byron Jones) introduced new features and integrations.  Here are some of the ones that got me excited:

New Optimizely Features:

  • Audiences – this isn’t new but a fantastic way to split serve experiences or to segment results to understand how different audiences are reacting to a test or experience.  Examples: – Use a utm parameter and create an audience for Bargain Shoppers if they come to your site via terms with “outlet”, “sale”, “discount” terms.  Or maybe they are “Hot Shoppers” if they are looking for “Buy” or “Price” terms. o   Also integrate BlueKai data to further target your experience to BlueKai profiles of relevant audiences

  • Annotations – like other tools like Google Analytics you can annotate directly into the experiment results.  For instance if there was a press release that spiked traffic or a site outage that influenced traffic you can make a note of it.

  • iOS – many features and functionality in the IOS testing part of Optimizely.  This section has been making product improvements as fast as every 2 weeks!   Other cool IOS updates: – Android is coming soon!

  • Mixpanel integration

  • Custom tags – target your app users based on unique attributes

  • Improved scripts, editor and more.  (Read release notes here)

New Optimizely Integrations:

  • WordPress Plugin – this one was beautiful.  A simple modal within WordPress allows you to easily A/B test headlines with a click of a button without touching the Optimizely UI courtesy of APIs.

  • Qualaroo – are you a customer of Qualaroo?  If so, you can implement and use survey results in Optimizely to implement feedback-driven website personalization! Snazzy!

  • BlueKai – if you are a BlueKai (and Optimizely) customer you can seamlessly import 1st and 3rd party audiences into the UI.  Very cool!

To learn more about developer APIs – developers.optimizely.com (Results API coming soon!)

My next post will includes examples of how brands are using Optimizely to test and see amazing results.  Stay tuned!

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