Optimizely Experience Roadshow 2014

Optimizely Roadshow:  Turning Data into Action

This week Opti­mizely made its way to grand ole south in its “Opti­mizely Expe­ri­ence” road­show event.  I was impressed by the thought­ful­ness and prepared­ness of the speak­ers, flow of content and enjoyed network­ing with my fellow indus­try cohorts who also share a passion in testing and results.  Optimizely’s tool is beau­ti­fully designed, on a fast a furious pace of launch­ing new features and extremely user friendly which makes it useful for any type of marketer (or non-marketer).

First, What is Optimizely?

Opti­mizely is an A/B and multi-variate testing tool.  The easy to use tech­nol­ogy allows virtu­ally anyone to imple­ment landing page testing on their site to enjoy improve­ments in perfor­mance metrics that matter most.   I was lucky enough to sit with CEO and co-founder, Dan Siroker, at the VIP dinner the night prior to the event to learn about his impres­sive back­ground that inspired the creation of Opti­mizely and how he actu­ally A/B tested into getting the company name.  Turning a literal ‘pain in the neck’ A/B testing expe­ri­ence while working for the 2008 Obama Pres­i­den­tial campaign was a pivotal moment for our indus­try! (Thank you Dan!).   Yester­day, the Product Manager (Byron Jones) intro­duced new features and inte­gra­tions.  Here are some of the ones that got me excited:

New Optimizely Features:

  • Audi­ences – this isn’t new but a fantas­tic way to split serve expe­ri­ences or to segment results to under­stand how differ­ent audi­ences are react­ing to a test or expe­ri­ence.  Exam­ples: — Use a utm para­me­ter and create an audi­ence for Bargain Shop­pers if they come to your site via terms with “outlet”, “sale”, “discount” terms.  Or maybe they are “Hot Shop­pers” if they are looking for “Buy” or “Price” terms. o   Also inte­grate BlueKai data to further target your expe­ri­ence to BlueKai profiles of rele­vant audi­ences

  • Anno­ta­tions – like other tools like Google Analyt­ics you can anno­tate directly into the exper­i­ment results.  For instance if there was a press release that spiked traffic or a site outage that influ­enced traffic you can make a note of it.

  • iOS – many features and func­tion­al­ity in the IOS testing part of Opti­mizely.  This section has been making product improve­ments as fast as every 2 weeks!   Other cool IOS updates: — Android is coming soon!

  • Mixpanel inte­gra­tion

  • Custom tags – target your app users based on unique attrib­utes

  • Improved scripts, editor and more.  (Read release notes here)

New Optimizely Integrations:

  • Word­Press Plugin – this one was beau­ti­ful.  A simple modal within Word­Press allows you to easily A/B test head­lines with a click of a button without touch­ing the Opti­mizely UI cour­tesy of APIs.

  • Quala­roo – are you a customer of Quala­roo?  If so, you can imple­ment and use survey results in Opti­mizely to imple­ment feed­back-driven website person­al­iza­tion! Snazzy!

  • BlueKai – if you are a BlueKai (and Opti­mizely) customer you can seam­lessly import 1st and 3rd party audi­ences into the UI.  Very cool!

To learn more about devel­oper APIs – developers.optimizely.com (Results API coming soon!)

My next post will includes exam­ples of how brands are using Opti­mizely to test and see amazing results.  Stay tuned!