Satellite is up for Two Awards Tonight

We know how awesome the Satellite technology is and the press is starting to take notice.  Tonight, Satellite is up for two technology awards through Technology Association of Georgia’s (TAG) .  “The TAG SSA Impact Awards recognizes companies and their teams who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and built great software solutions that have a significant positive impact on their customers, their business or community.”  The two categories Satellite is a finalist for are:  Emerging Mega Trend and Independent Software Company.

Satellite will be judged on 3 different criterion (referenced on ):

  1. Complexity of the Problem– Business issue resolved or business enhancement achieved through the innovative use of software, systems or applications.
  2. Creativity of the Solution – Functional capabilities of the product/application that impacted how customer and employees changed fundamental business practices, principles or philosophies
  3. Business Impact – Benefits the solution provided to product, services, production, time or customer experience

Wish Lee and Evan luck as they hopefully bring home the Gold tonight! (Twice!)

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