Oh, that moment when Q gives 007 the iconic 1964 Aston Martin DB5, the first of so many vehicles equipped to the hilt with extra special features. Thank you Q, not only for supplying a extraordinary vehicle to 007, but also for supplying a vehicle for the introduction of the SDI toolkit, an extraordinary extension for Launch, by Adobe.

You’ll find the SDI Toolkit in the Extension Catalog of Launch, by Adobe.  Just look for the SDI rocketship or enter “SDI Toolkit” in the search box. I know what you’re thinking… “Goodness that’s sexy, but what can it do?”

Bond was probably thinking the same thing. Rest assured, because that unassuming car came from Q, and this unassuming extension was developed by Search Discovery, wondrous features await!

Let’s kick the tires by clicking the “Install” button. Immediately, we see that there is quite a bit of functionality packed into the toolkit. So much, in fact, that I had to move to my big monitor just to take the screenshot! Even then, there are four tabs to describe all the great features that this extension provides. Read on for the full scoop!

The SDI Toolkit extends Launch, by Adobe by providing four brand new Data Element types.

The Data Element Translator is the first of these new types. This one allows you to pipe the value of one data element (like a country code) through a table lookup to produce the appropriate matched value. Below is an example of the %dd_country% data element’s value as the driver to produce the country-specific Adwords Conversion ID. Now we use %Adwords_Conversion_ID% in our custom HTML, and we have a single rule in place of seven, without writing a line of code.

The Launch Build Info data element type extends Launch, by Adobe by exposing variables for use in data collection and conditional logic in rules. For example, Launch Build Info : environment allows you to know which environment you are in (dev, stage, prod) so you can take action accordingly.

We see this as being super helpful when piped through the Data Element Translator to set pixel account IDs and such, based on the operating environment. Maybe this feature’s not as surprising as concealed headlamp machine guns, but it gets the job done.

Today we take in-car navigation pretty much for granted. In 1964, the idea was mind-blowing. We hope that SDI Toolkit’s Malformed URL Error data element type will both blow your mind AND become the new normal when it comes to closing the loop on bad campaign tracking due to poorly constructed query strings. This new data element type detects eight common errors in URLs and query strings and provides four different options for feedback. As a bonus convenience, the SDI Toolkit provides a new Condition type, which will return true if any malformations are detected.

When 007 wanted to deploy a little obfuscation, Q made it happen with the DB5’s smoke screen. When you want to protect your customer’s information, the SDI Toolkit makes it happen with the new One Way Hash data element type. Just feed it with your customer ID, and it gives back a 64-character SHA256 hash. This is just what you need to securely feed customer IDs into the Adobe Experience Cloud ID service to enable cross device stitching.

The SDI Toolkit provides Swipe Events for Mobile

Up? Down? Right? Left? Eject Passenger? Q covered it all for 007 in the DB5. The SDI Toolkit covers the first four when it comes to the new Swipe Gesture event type. Now you can write rules triggered by any (or all) of the four Swipe gestures on mobile. If you like this, Swipe Right, and we’ll know that you did!

The SDI Toolkit provides four new Actions

Launch, by Adobe has pretty much covered all the bases when it comes to referencing persisted values. Adobe DTM had cookie-based data elements. Launch now has sessionStorage- and localStorage-based data elements. With the SDI Toolkit, four new Action types allow you to use the UI and fully configure the setting and removal of cookies, sessionStorage, and localStorage values. We’ve put all the controls right at your fingertips.

The road ahead…

Q’s 1964 Aston Martin DB5 was a very impressive vehicle, but it was only the first in a long line of 007 vehicles and gadgets provided by the quartermaster over the years. As such, we hope that the SDI Toolkit, though impressive and useful as it stands, is just the start of things to come.

Explore all of the ways Search Discovery can help you with Launch, by Adobe.

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