Keyword Research and Integration

Webster defines linguis­tics as “the study of human speech includ­ing the units, nature, struc­ture and modi­fi­ca­tion of language”. In the world of search engine opti­miza­tion, this study begins with keyword research and analy­sis of how language is used in rela­tion­ship to search. Simply put, we conduct exten­sive keyword research to deter­mine the language people use to look for, talk about and engage with the prod­ucts and services offered by an online busi­ness.

Search engines are very sophis­ti­cated in many ways, but they are also funda­men­tally simple. Search engines cannot under­stand jokes, inter­pret innu­endo or derive the impli­ca­tion of sarcasm. While it is a good idea to have a writing style that is clever and engag­ing, in order to do well in SEO it’s impor­tant to also state the obvious using clear language and researched keywords.

Using plain language with keyword inte­gra­tion sounds simple enough, but this example points out a common over­sight. When people want to buy a vehicle that is not brand new, they go to Google and search for “used cars” or some vari­a­tion of that term. However, most car deal­er­ships do not embrace the term “used cars” as they prefer “pre-owned vehi­cles” – it just sounds nicer and aligns with their inter­nal percep­tions.

Keyword research will show that users are 83,000 times more likely to search the term “used cars” than “pre-owned vehi­cles.” Failure to recog­nize this linguis­tic mismatch will be extremely detri­men­tal to any used car company that focuses their website language on the term “pre-owned vehi­cles.”

The language used inter­nally within a busi­ness is often much differ­ent from the language used to find the busi­ness. Exhaus­tive keyword research and inte­gra­tion can be the differ­ence between having exten­sive expo­sure online or simply never being found. Many high quality busi­nesses sit on the side­lines when it comes to search visi­bil­ity as they have failed to connect their core offer­ings with the common language used to find them.

The Search Discovery SEO team works with clients to under­stand their busi­ness, their customers and the language that can best connect the two. Our compre­hen­sive keyword research and eval­u­a­tion ensures that websites speak the same language as the customers who are seeking the services offered.

Keyword research is at the heart of this effort but effec­tive keyword inte­gra­tion completes the circle. A clear and consis­tent website archi­tec­ture that rein­forces the linguis­tic aspects of websites is a crit­i­cal step in achiev­ing SEO success.