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Webster defines linguistics as “the study of human speech including the units, nature, structure and modification of language”. In the world of search engine optimization, this study begins with keyword research and analysis of how language is used in relationship to search. Simply put, we conduct extensive keyword research to determine the language people use to look for, talk about and engage with the products and services offered by an online business.

Search engines are very sophisticated in many ways, but they are also fundamentally simple. Search engines cannot understand jokes, interpret innuendo or derive the implication of sarcasm. While it is a good idea to have a writing style that is clever and engaging, in order to do well in SEO it’s important to also state the obvious using clear language and researched keywords.

Using plain language with keyword integration sounds simple enough, but this example points out a common oversight. When people want to buy a vehicle that is not brand new, they go to Google and search for “used cars” or some variation of that term. However, most car dealerships do not embrace the term “used cars” as they prefer “pre-owned vehicles” – it just sounds nicer and aligns with their internal perceptions.

Keyword research will show that users are 83,000 times more likely to search the term “used cars” than “pre-owned vehicles.” Failure to recognize this linguistic mismatch will be extremely detrimental to any used car company that focuses their website language on the term “pre-owned vehicles.”

The language used internally within a business is often much different from the language used to find the business. Exhaustive keyword research and integration can be the difference between having extensive exposure online or simply never being found. Many high quality businesses sit on the sidelines when it comes to search visibility as they have failed to connect their core offerings with the common language used to find them.

The Search Discovery SEO team works with clients to understand their business, their customers and the language that can best connect the two. Our comprehensive keyword research and evaluation ensures that websites speak the same language as the customers who are seeking the services offered.

Keyword research is at the heart of this effort but effective keyword integration completes the circle. A clear and consistent website architecture that reinforces the linguistic aspects of websites is a critical step in achieving SEO success.

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