Ever wonder what goes into creating a customized Data Strategy that can help your entire enterprise? Walk this way.

In today’s business environment, data reflects specific connections between you, your audience, and events along your customer’s journey. Data can make sense of those connections and events, by not only understanding where customers have been – but where they’re going. Finding the signal through the noise in your legions of data will help you journey toward an executable data strategy.

If you have a data-utilizing business strategy that has failed to deliver ROI or maybe a strategy that you enthusiastically created but everyone has since just forgotten about, perhaps it’s time to consider collaborating to create a data strategy that actually works for you to drive action. Here is a close look at each of our proven data strategy services, through which we help you navigate the challenges and opportunities in your unique data ecosystem.

Plan for your Desired Outcomes

The starting point for any solid data strategy is beginning with the end in mind. We call this identifying your Desired Outcomes. It requires visualizing what you want to accomplish and assessing whether or not you have the vision, capabilities, and resources to get there.

Search Discovery helps clients identify Desired Outcomes by first understanding each organization’s mission and goals. Then we strategize what’s possible. We do this through facilitated Discovery Workshops, onsite interviews, process deep dives, and resource and capability assessments, which enable us to help you find purpose in your data.  

The Discovery Workshop Approach

No single stakeholder in your business should hold the reins to your entire data strategy. It takes a village. While some may possess the vision, others hold the knowledge of where the data lives and how to access it. Others still aggregate and analyze data to make sense of the disparate parts. Because of these multiple stakeholders, Search Discovery recommends a collaborative workshop approach to developing a data strategy. In the typical workshop, our team will facilitate a guided discussion about what matters most to your business. By understanding the current state of affairs and gaining a sense of planned and future initiatives, we can help identify priorities, set strategic direction, and establish a plan for activating your data and resources.

Data Strategy & Architecture Assessment

Most organizations have data flowing in all directions. Search Discovery’s Data Strategy & Architecture Assessment will help you make sense of your data silos and determine how data should feed your business decisions. This work will establish data stewardship and governance practices by architecting a solution that safeguards data and sets the stage for using data with purpose.

Data Storage

Data Transformation

Data Visualization

Data Sharing

The four main areas we address in our Strategic Architecture Assessment include: Data Storage, Transformation, Visualization, and Sharing. Each of these elements is essential to making data useful and we take the time to drill down into your systems and processes to assure an optimal approach.

Data Strategy Roadmap

Once you understand the data you have and architect it for use, there needs to be a plan in place to make that happen. Data Strategy Roadmaps are just that: plans for using data with purpose. We will help you understand how your vision aligns with Executable Data Strategies and which ecosystem components you’ll need to utilize – or develop – to make your vision a reality. Our Data Strategy Roadmaps set the course for actions and ownership for using data tomorrow and into the foreseeable future.

Interested in building your own Data Strategy Roadmap and using your data as a strategic asset to help drive your business? Reach out to learn more about how we can help.

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