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Your work matters. It matters because of the important industry-changing solutions and technology you’re creating, and it matters because you matter. Your time matters. Your passions matter. The people you love matter. We value your time, and in order for you to thrive, work needs to be meaningful—professionally and personally. And it needs to be challenging, so that you’re always learning, always growing. At Search Discovery, we create an environment where you have vast opportunities to solve hard problems, grow, and thrive.

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Our core values

At Search Discovery, we don’t just throw our values on the wall. We have purposefully chosen specific values that are unique to how we behave. Those behaviors build the culture that we, together, create. Our values guide our decision-making, how we serve our clients, how we reward and recognize our people, and everything we do.
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You have the courage to pursue new paths. You love discovering innovative solutions to old problems.
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You make considered decisions and come to sensible conclusions.
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You demonstrate excellence in your chosen discipline. You are a teacher, but also a student eager to learn new skills and disciplines.
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You are not derailed by difficulties. You respond gracefully to challenges and ambiguity.
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You seek to add value and you hold yourself to the highest standard. You take ownership for your actions and results.
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You imagine how things could be. You take action today to create a better tomorrow.
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You don’t let your pride and ambitions get in the way. You are generous toward others.
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You focus on the well being of yourself, others and company. You help promote a culture of safety healthy relationships and self-improvement.

Do our core values resonate with you? You’re going to love working with our highly collaborative team. But that’s just the beginning…Keep reading.

total rewards

Our purpose as a company is to enable people to thrive so that business can thrive. We offer a total rewards program that evolves when we discover opportunities to further meet the needs of our people. A comprehensive package with four essential areas of well-being, our focus on balance, growth, protection, and building a community puts Search Discovery’s total rewards program in a class all our own.


Are you looking for...

...a company that values your time and passions as well as your expertise and enthusiasm for creating data solutions and innovative technologies?

Are you searching for...

...meaningful, collaborative work on cutting-edge projects?

Are you ready to...

...delight clients alongside our pioneers, thought leaders, and industry educators?

Are you...

eager, resilient, curious, and nuts about excellence in your discipline?
Then we are (totally) looking for you.


Search Discovery is a place where passionate and determined people are doing incredible things. Don’t just take our word for it. Meet some of the amazing people on our team.

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