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Migrating to Google Analytics 4 can take between 2 hours and 4 months.
What’s your plan?

As a Premier Google Partner that’s completed over 1000 GA4 implementations, Search Discovery can help you think through a migration plan that prioritizes your time and your needs, beginning with this 5-minute free assessment. Take the assessment to:

  • Understand the unique benefits and challenges that your business might face when migrating to GA4
  • Reveal insights about your timing, required investments, and critical considerations
  • Get a step-by-step guide to help you plan and execute your migration

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Google Analytics has set the standards for how we measure web behavior since 2005, but those familiar standards have changed with Google Analytics 4. The earlier you transition to GA4, the more historical data and insights you’ll have in the platform, and the earlier you’ll be able to embrace the benefits GA4 360 has over Universal Analytics. Unfortunately, installing Google Analytics 4 on a website or native mobile application can be a complex project, and the UA sunset clock is ticking.

Get a free GA4 Migration assessment to help understand your business’ unique benefits and challenges.

Universal Analytics vs. Google Analytics 4

GA4 significantly improves in how we collect data and respect user consent choices. Get these enhancements in GA4:


Google has provided the most robust solution to cookie-restricted measurement for marketers that is available on the market today

Cross-Device Tracking

GA4 is built on Firebase, which allows it to seamlessly merge data collected on any device

Unmatched Flexibility

Through a seamless integration with the Google Cloud Platform, GA4 sets a foundation for mature organizations to build on


Google's advertising products share conversion, cost, and audience data with one another

Take the assessment
+ get a plan

Take the assessment to understand your brand’s unique migration challenges and benefits, and get a step-by-step guide that identifies tailored, critical considerations based on the information you provide. After about 20 questions and 5 minutes, you’ll know answers to pressing questions like these:

How will I be impacted by the move to GA4?
When should I begin the migration process & would I benefit from temporarily running both versions side-by-side?
What’s involved in the migration process?

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Talk to a Google Analytics specialist

Not ready to take the assessment and want to have a quick conversation about your Google Analytics Migration?

We’re here for you, and we’d love to have a conversation.


Migration is an opportunity to tidy up and maximize your solution. We help clients achieve frictionless migrations by breaking the process into these steps:

Set Your Objectives

Design & Document

Configure & Implement

Test & Deploy

Reporting &
Team Training

Integrations & Activation


Trust your Google Analytics Migration to a Premier Google Analytics Partner, which puts us in a preferential class of the best and most experienced Google providers in the world.

Google’s Premier Partner tier is reserved for the top 3% of participating companies, making it the most exclusive tier of the program.

  • 10+ Years as a Google Partner
  • > 65 Analytics experts
  • 1,000+ Google Analytics implementations
  • Contracted by Google to complete dozens of GA4 migrations for key brands
  • Creators of the first Analytics Management System, Apollo, which dramatically simplifies and accelerates the migration process
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