Conductrics works at the center of companies’ optimization strategies, delivering decision-making at scale, reducing the IT debt of legacy technology, and bringing data-informed intelligence and refinement across the enterprise. Marketers, product managers, and eCommerce professionals responsible for customer experiences can continuously optimize the customer journey, while IT departments benefit from the platform’s simplicity and ease of integration with their existing technology stack. Search Discovery works with Conductrics as a reseller and a service partner.

How we work together:

  • Supporting proof-of-concept / pilot tests
  • Tool implementation including architecture recommendations and supporting the technology crews with integrations
  • Training for analyst and tech audience
  • Ongoing test development and analysis support

Why Search Discovery partners with Conductrics:

  • Same platform no matter where you run your tests…online or offline
  • Rare combination of robust functionality and extreme flexibility
  • Product roadmap driven by strategic client relationships, a data scientist, and an uber engineer (in other words, the Conductrics cofounders/leaders are two super smart experts!)
  • Control over every trait that is collected, which is especially important for highly regulated industries
  • Icing on the cake: We share company values, a focus on business impact, and a commitment to educating the community

Take a peek:

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Compare auto allocate
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Visual tree map and simulator
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List view
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