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A data lakehouse is an open data platform that allows you to unify all your data in open data formats with single catalog, governance, and security controls. A lakehouse allows you to create a foundation for all data, BI, and AI workloads. You might need a data lakehouse if:

  • You want to analyze unstructured data (from text, IoT, images, audio, drones, etc.)
  • You want to run AI on your data warehouse
  • Your SQL analysts need an easy way to query your data lake.

For these tasks and more, a data lakehouse is a powerful answer.

Benefits of a Data Lakehouse

  • Open format data storage for all data types
  • Cheaper storage
    More performant queries
  • Enables BI, SQL, ML and real time app use cases
  • Simplified data governance
  • Automatic addition of new data
  • Direct access to raw data
  • Ability to right-size the resource

How Can Search Discovery Help You With Data Lakehouse Solutions?

When you work with our data engineering experts, we deliver more value than other partners because of our experience and deep expertise in analytics and data science. You get the following:

  • A finely-tuned, mission-purposed data platform
  • Reduced cost and data redundancy by simplifying data sources
  • Faster turnaround time for data science projects
  • Expert data science consulting services to take your insights to the next level

Our Approach

We help clients with data strategy assessment to plan a phased approach to implementing a lakehouse while prioritizing use cases and business goals. We will help you answer questions about your current workflows, BI needs, Data Science needs, development time constraints and more.
We help you strategize and execute migration efforts. If you want to combine your data lakes and enabling analysis across your data warehouse and data lake, we can help build a custom solution for efficient migration.
Whether your team is looking to integrate new tools or improve and enhance your current workflow, we can implement/enhance to show quick time to value in weeks. Get started with a phased approach and explore advanced use cases including machine learning models to enable predictive analysis.
If you are already using Databricks or BigQuery and need help extending your development team efforts or resolving, Search Discovery can help support and strengthen your IT team. We can help declutter any code mess & clean up and organize your lakehouse with best practices.

Our Data Lakehouse Supported Solutions

If you already use a cloud provider (AWS, Azure, GCP), there is a lakehouse solution for you.

Databricks is the fastest growing lakehouse solution that is supported across all the major cloud platforms. Databricks, creator of Apache Spark, ML Flow, and Delta Lake, provides a single unified data analytics platform for BI and AI use cases. Lakehouse solution uses Delta Lake for data reliability and performance, and the Unity Catalog is used for fine-grained governance. It is based on open source standards and adds transactional processing guarantees with performance benefits in the data lake.

Google BigLake

Google Big Lake is a storage engine built on years of innovations in BigQuery storage. It allows uniform and consistent access through open source query engines to multi cloud object stores like S3 and Google Cloud storage (see all our Google Cloud Solutions here). BigLake removes the need to duplicate data between data lakes and warehouses and allows interoperability across multi-cloud platforms. Google’s Dataplex provides a single, centralized data governance solution for managing access policies and classification. BigLake with Dataplex provides a robust lakehouse solution built on open source technologies supporting business intelligence and data science workloads.


Build the data lakehouse of your dreams with Search Discovery.

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