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The world of paid media is full of high stakes campaigns and quick moving deliverables. But, poor conversion performance, an outdated paid media strategy, or resource turnover can hamper the growth or success of paid media in digital marketing. That’s where Search Discovery can help! Search Discovery empowers you to create a successful paid media strategy to leverage your data for a purpose and to drive growth in paid media traffic, conversions, and revenue.


Optimize your marketing components against real-time indicators that directly impact your KPIs

Align your messages to audiences

Maximize your investment in high-performing segments

Automate decision-making to ensure you can compete in an efficient, sophisticated market


Multinational Pharmaceutical Co. | Comprehensive Strategy Engagement
Top British multinational pharmaceutical company builds a center of excellence through comprehensive strategy engagement.

  • Released first production dashboards within 90 days
  • Built a center of data excellence.
  • Instilled an experimentation culture and optimization capability
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High Tech | Optimization Program Across Channels
Insights from personalization program drive business growth, novel opportunities, and incredible media spend savings.

  • Drove 11% growth of registrations
  • 388 net new contacts, opportunity valued at nearly $7.7MM
  • Potential of $1MM cost savings in media spend
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American Cancer Society | Optimization Current State Assessment & Vendor Evaluation
The new technology and processes created by Search Discovery helped American Cancer Society increase test volume and impact.

  • 5.4% growth in YoY donations
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Everything we do is grounded in leveraging your data for a purpose. Our holistic approach ensures that we don’t just answer the paid media question you have today, but we build your capacity to answer your overarching business questions that drive results.

Our work breaks into two overarching types of activities: Strategic activities and optimization.


Strategic activities include planning these four components:

  • Inventory: Where and when ads should run, including paid search, social, display, shopping, and video
  • Audience: Who we should target, including segmentation, distribution, mapping, activation, and CDP considerations
  • The Experience: Which ads should run, including ad copy, alignment, creative testing, landing page testing, and advisory considerations
  • Testing: How we test and improve all of those components, including pricing & modeling, bidding, propensity modeling, product feeds, and data science & automation


Optimization includes ensuring we run ads on time, on budget, and across the most efficient drivers of meaningful impact for our clients. In addition, we leverage full or partial automation to improve that performance wherever it can be effective.


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