Digital Performance Management

For a top global beverage manufacturer, reducing operational costs and increasing revenue with an enhanced set of minimum viable metrics (MVMs) drives successful global analytics operational plan.

A global beverage manufacturer found itself with hundreds of mobile applications and thousands of websites across its global brands and regions.  

The impact of these digital customer experiences were largely unknown as data was not being collected consistently across them.  

This client needed a digital performance management program which would be owned by the Chief Digital Officer.

Search Discovery developed an enhanced set of minimum viable metrics (MVMs) to assess directional performance of the experiences.

We defined the requirements and coordinated updates to the enterprise data insights platform to make the MVMs available to the regional business owners.

We created and rolled out the operational plan globally that provides guidance for business owners for how to define and track performance of these experiences from initiation to sunset.

Increased business owners’ accountability for measuring and optimizing their mobile and website experiences. Global brand owners are now supported to take action towards continued improvement against consistent performance standards.

Within 3 months, we reduced operational cost and potential negative brand impact from under-performing, unmonitored customer experiences.


reduction in under-performing apps


of websites improved mobile site speed


average increase in mobile site speed
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