KPI Development

Generating objectivity and insights through KPI development.
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 A $19 billion nonprofit healthcare system was running campaigns with regular, manual reporting where a host of metrics would get pulled each month and then circulated among the stakeholders. By their own admission, what ultimately got reported up the management chain was “the largest number.” This means that every campaign was treated as a success.

Search Discovery worked with the organization to identify the specific points in their campaign management process where KPIs should be established, and worked with the organization to codify how KPIs should be identified and how targets should be set. 

For this organization, there are a large number of available internal benchmarks that are now used in conjunction with top-down calculations for establishing KPI targets.

This shift in the process led not only to a more objective assessment of campaigns, but we also increased operational efficiency, by increasing the degree of automation in the ongoing performance measurement of campaigns.
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