Measurement Strategy

Alignment & agility achieved with a trusted measurement strategy.
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PBS is a prominent non-profit provider of educational television programming to over 350+ member stations across the United States. They use viewership data to understand their audience and how to best serve their mission. But the organization was using static reports on the previous night’s viewer ratings, and they lacked clear direction on how to use their data. PBS needed a data strategy to help them use data in a more purposeful way, instead of just providing reports.

Search Discovery developed a new measurement framework that aligned with PBS’ mission statement to deliver sustainable educational content to their members.

We centralized the metrics and reports around three core aspects of the business, so PBS became more intentional and aligned about the reporting they produced.

This, in turn, created a standard operating procedure around reporting, data governance, infrastructure.

Search Discovery enabled PBS to use data with purpose through a new measurement framework aligned to their business goals.

Removed 14 unnecessary reports and reallocated that resource time to supporting the new measurement framework.

Created better alignment from PBS’ core business objectives to their reporting dashboards.

Enabled better audience insights that were given to key leadership on a quarterly schedule.
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