Our rigorous, client requirements-focused custom vendor evaluation leads to data-driven vendor selection, digital properties optimization, and enormous revenue impact.
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One of the largest banking institutions in the US, with operations world-wide, had been unable to utilize optimization to improve site and mobile app performance, due to severe risk restrictions placed in their owned environments.

The organization was ready to identify the right experimentation tool to meet their high standards and needed a partner to help evaluate, select, and implement the best tool.

Search Discovery conducted a client requirements-focused custom vendor evaluation across seven technologies to select 3 top vendors. These were then invited onsite to demo their products and participate in a Q&A with business, technical, and legal leaders in the organization. 

The top vendor after this process participated in a 3 month proof of concept evaluation period where we evaluated the vendor’s claims against the realities of a complicated system. We pressure tested the tool by developing actual tests from the hypothesis library in lower environments.

Our client was able to compare all vendors against a customized and unbiased scoring model to narrow their evaluation to top 3 vendors, which enabled buy-in from across the organization on the eventual decision. Before signing a 2-year contract, our client was able to prove out the value of the selected top tool during the proof of concept, reducing risk and maximizing potential gains.

Also, we helped them deploy a centralized idea intake and hypothesis library and retained the learning platform, so they can maximize the value of experimentation over time.

Most importantly, they are now able to experiment and personalize in areas of their digital properties where they have never been able to before, opening up a world of optimization gains with revenue impact potential in the billions.

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