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Novartis is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies by both market cap and sales. Each year they develop and launch new innovative drugs, but for the first time in their history Novartis was to be the second-to-market behind Pfizer on a new breast cancer drug. To stay competitive, Novartis needed to use data to respond to the changing market conditions and optimize their initial launch.

Search Discovery recommended that to stay highly organized and collaborative during the product launch, Novartis should leverage Domo’s Projects & Tasks as a centralized project management tool.

We developed a Domo custom app to serves as an interface that empowered Novartis to communicate launch insights across all teams–Sales, Internal Medical, and Management.

Leveraging Domo as the centralized location for data and collaboration, Novartis can react more quickly to changing market conditions, adapt sales strategy, and gain valuable insights for future product launches.

This solution allows the field team and internal medical team to communicate in a structured manner, where the insights of the conversation are captured for everyone.

As data was collected from the field, internal teams could better analyze and prepare for future launches with the new data.

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