Continuously improving returns on digital investments with development of measurement plan, analytics tracking, and accessible reporting.
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Chick-fil-A needed to understand user behavior on their Pathway LMS web and mobile app, and they wanted to be able to identify metrics to quantify the value and usefulness of the training being provided. They turned to Search Discovery to:

Establish clear metrics for measuring the success of the LMS tools

Provide an analytics platform to support continuous improvements to the LMS

Make insights from analytics data easily accessible to LMS stakeholders

Search Discovery gathered client business requirements and translated these into a measurement plan.

We implement analytics tracking for the web and for the mobile app based on the measurement plan.

We developed goals, dashboards, and reporting for the web and mobile apps.

Analytics data facilitates faster and better decisions as measured by improvements in baseline site and app KPIs.

Improved return on digital investments in LMS.
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