Driving 20-40% growth for five years straight with digital marketing vigilance.
Gamestop is one of the world’s largest retail gaming destinations, but it had a few data challenges, including inaccessible content (reviews, facets, landing pages), duplicate content, tagging omissions, lack of optimization, and multiple domains.

In a highly competitive landscape where the top competitors are giants (Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy), our client looked to Search Discovery to help them level up their data game.

Search Discovery worked with IT and 3rd party vendor to create product review and UCG accessibility.

We created descriptive content for high-interest areas on the site.

We developed a successful strategy to implement code accessibility measures related to Endeca and ASP.NET.

We created a new product pre-release and on-boarding process initiative that led to optimized top positions for new product releases.

20 - 40%

growth in YoY site traffic for 5 years straight!
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