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From the creators of Adobe DTM, Search Discovery is excited to introduce Apollo, the latest in a series of award-winning technologies.

Apollo is a revolutionary technology that automates the setup, configuration, and deployment of Adobe Analytics, Target, and Experience Cloud ID Service.

Search Discovery’s industry-leading analytics experts are proud to revolutionize the industry once again with Apollo, the most sophisticated, resilient way to design and deploy Adobe Analytics.


Apollo enables the highest-quality Adobe Analytics implementations in half the time and at a fixed cost. We’ve accelerated the requirements process by aggregating the cumulative experience of thousands of our analytics implementations into an automated process. Customers can start using their data in as little as 4 weeks.


With the goal of creating the world’s first repeatable automated implementation solution, our engineering team was not satisfied with just doing “better.” In our experience helping thousands of companies purchase and install analytics platforms, we understand the challenges inherent in software buying decisions, especially when the time requirement or total cost to implement is unknown.

So we challenged ourselves to not only create a better solution but to cut the time in half and offer it for an industry-first, uniform fixed fee. We did it! Apollo not only allows us to deliver the highest-quality solution we’ve ever offered, but we’ve also cut the time to implement and the variability of the cost of the implementation so that stakeholders know exactly what they are getting, when they will have it, and what it will cost.


Rapid Deployment

Start accessing your data in as little as 4 weeks

Best-Practice Design

Insights from thousands of implementations bring the richest data possible

Reduce Errors

Automates many manual tasks reducing introduction of human error

Remove Stumbling Blocks

Data layer validation tools that remove common stumbling blocks to many implementations

Flexible & Scalable

The solution leverages the Launch extension model allowing you infinite flexibility and scalability as your business needs change

Set Up for Success

Provides you with the highest quality and thorough 1st party data that can be used to create compelling customer experiences and engagement

Fixed Fee

We will provide you a fixed fee quote based on your specific needs


Days Saved


After completing thousands of implementations, we found that our team collectively possessed a repository of knowledge representing about ~80% of what companies need in order to understand their business and activate marketing and optimization programs. This collection of experience allowed us to create a new technology that automates the setup, configuration, and deployment of Adobe’s solution leveraging our best practices and expertise providing every organization high-quality, high-impact data.



Increased ROI of marketing spend

Increased customer engagement through personalized experiences

Increased revenue through optimization

With Apollo for Adobe Analytics, you can get:

  • Full understanding of your business goals and your site/app features
  • An Adobe Analytics implementation built on Adobe Launch providing unlimited flexibility and adaptability
  • Solution Design Resource that describes your solution and how the Adobe Analytics Admin Console is configured
  • Data Layer Guide that instructs your developers how to create and validate the data layer
  • Data Layer Validation tools that reduce development cycles
  • Top-notch Reports that get your business users started understanding how the solutions fit together as well as Best Practice business reports


The Apollo name comes from NASA’s Apollo program of space flight and moon exploration.  At Search Discovery, we continue to draw inspiration from NASA’s Apollo program; its audacious goals, its incredible results, and its team’s dedication to process, testing, communication, and continuous improvement. Just as NASA’s Apollo program built upon the experience gained from the Mercury and Gemini missions, Search Discovery’s Apollo technology brings forward best practices established from thousands of Adobe Analytics implementations.

Apollo’s mission is to make it easier and faster for companies to collect and use their 1st party data in sustainable ways. But this is not a new idea. The creation of Apollo is more than a decade in the making dating back to 2009 when Search Discovery created and deployed a revolutionary new tag management system called Satellite TMS. Later acquired by Adobe in 2013 and renamed Adobe DTM, the origins of both Apollo and Adobe DTM came out of the same goal, create services and technologies that allow customers to get higher quality data into their hands faster and at a lower cost.  Apollo accelerates any organization’s ability to use data with purpose, enabling greater customer engagement through personalized experiences and optimization programs that will drive significant business impact. Like installing an analytics or testing platform without a TMS, some day very soon, the idea of implementation without a technology driving the setup, configuration and deployment like Apollo will be unheard of in the enterprise space.


Whether you’re new to Adobe Analytics or migrating to Launch, learn more today about the world’s first automated, repeatable implementation solution.

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