Search Discovery’s solutions empower organizations to make transformative business decisions across the enterprise.

Solution Areas

Strategy and Governance

We work with you and your team to create clarity around the business’s objectives, the decisions that support those objectives and the people involved in the process.  Once this is-well understood, we work together to ensure the right data is being collected and then delivered to the right people at the right time and in the right context to achieve those objectives.

Examples of solutions and projects we have delivered for clients include:

KBO & KPI Definition

Data Strategy & Integration

Measurement Strategy & Framework

Governance & Business Process

Tools and Integration

Our team has developed and implemented analytics solutions for clients across hundreds of engagements.  Our experience and expertise will help make sure your organization is selecting and implementing the tools that will support what the business is trying to achieve.  We typically start by auditing your current needs and solutions, work with you to select the best tools, and then augment your team in the installation, configuration and ongoing management and the tools selected.

Examples of engagements include:

System Implementation Audits

Data Design & Integration

Reporting & Report Automation

Tool & Technology Selection

Implementation & Support Services

Customer Insights and Strategy

Understanding your customers’ and prospects’ needs, preferences, behaviors, and experience with your organization are essential to acquiring new clients and keeping your current clients.  Our heritage is customer acquisition and growth, and we partner with clients to understand their prospective customers and how to acquire them and measure the success of those efforts across channels.  Measuring customer and prospect touch points across your website, mobile, social and physical locations is vital to understanding their needs and improving your reach.

Core solutions and programs we deliver to help clients engage and reach new customers include:

Segmentation Analysis & Definition

Customer Value Analysis

Customer Engagement & Experience Analysis

Customer Acquisition Programs

Customer Retention

Digital Marketing

Organizational Intelligence

Knowing your customer and your market is important, but you can not stop there.  You must also understand how your organization is performing and working together to serve those customers.  Ensuring the entire organization is not operating in silos and data is being used to support the entire business is critical, now more than ever.

We have worked with organizations to enable decision making across the enterprise through a variety of engagements and solutions including:

Sales Analysis & Performance

Financial Performance

Operational Efficiency

People Analytics

Analysis and Storytelling

Collecting the right data and providing it to your team will still only get you so far. Our analysts can not only help your team manage the analysis and find insights; we can help you and your team learn how to communicate those hard-earned learnings throughout the organization.

We have worked to enable deeper insights and greater communication with clients through our solutions including:

Business Experiments & Modeling

Ongoing Analysis

Executive & Analyst Communication Training

Testing & Optimization Programs

Data Visualization & Presentations

Ask us how we can help you make transformative business decisions across the enterprise.